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Hippo HipTec Complete Performance Mens Box Set

  • Complete set of quality performance clubs for the better player.
  • Geometric forged titanium driver and maraging stainless steel fairway and hygbrids, deep cavity stainless #5-PW irons
  • The new HipTec oversize forged titanium driver has and enormous sweet spot for greater distance and forgiveness.
  • HipTec 3 and 4 hybrids replace hard to hit long irons and get the ball up quickly from deep rough or tight fairway lies

Price:  $289.95

Hippo Giant XT Complete Set Right Handed with Bag

New geometry forged titanium driver and no.3 fairway wood, 22 degree stainless steel hybrid.  The new giant XT forged titanium driver has an emormous sweet spot and the highest legal COR for unbelievable distance.  The Forged ti no.3 fairway wood has 16 degrees of loft to get the ball up quickly.  All woods and hybrids have hippo's proprietary 100 percent graphite shaft.  No.5 – pitching wedge deep cavity stainless steel irons, new geometry mallet putter, and deluxe lightweight stand bag.  The 22 degree stainless steel hybrid is the perfect easy to hit club to replace the hard to hit no.3 and no.4 irons.

Price:  $199.00

I hope you enjoy your Hippo golf club sets.

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