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Affinity / Orlimar Golf Men's Right Hand Golf Set

400cc FORGED TITANIUM w/OVERSIZE FACE that provides a "trampoline" affect to drive the ball further *3 Wood (15 degree) & 5 Wood (20 degree): STAINLESS STEEL LOW PROFILE *The masterfully crafted ZRX Irons with are real shot makers. The Oversize Stainless Steel heads with the the U-CUT Cavity Back, Perimeter weighted club head design (much like the "Nike Tour Plus Series") makes it much easier to hit a nice HIGH STRAIGHT shot while still allowing you to "work" or "shape" your shots! *Although these sets are intended for intermediate to advanced golfers, beginners who don't mind starting out with an advanced set will find that these clubs are easy to learn with *Set contains 11 clubs: * Driver: 400cc Over sized head with FORGED TITANIUM HEAD and "OVERSIZE FACE TECHNOLOGY" for maximum DISTANCE and LARGER SWEET SPOT *3 and 5 Woods: Lower profile stainless steel heads to get the ball up out of tight lies and thick ruff and a LONG WAY DOWN THE FAIRWAY *3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Irons and Pitching Wedge.

Price:  $159.95

Affinity Golf Club Sets HT 3/8 Ladies Right Hand 1 Inch Long All Graphite Combo

  • This is the Flagship Affinity HT Hybrid Technology All Graphite Women's Right-Hand 3/8 Stainless 1 Inch Long Combo. It has 460cc Forged Driver, 3, 5 Stainless Fairway Woods, 4, 5 Stainless Hybrids and Stainless Irons 6-Pitching Wedge
  • 420cc oversized 1 Wood for more forgiveness and accuracy.
  • All clubs from the 3 Wood thru the Pitching Wedge are made of quality Stainless Steel.
  • Adavanced Alignment Putter.
  • A deluxe Graphite safe 14 Way Divider Cart Bag with two large Garment pockets, four Accessory pockets, one Lined Valuables pocket, one Cooler pocket and matching Headcovers for the Woods and Hybrids completes this Affinity HT Combo.

Price:  $279.99

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